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Delivering powerful marketing solutions. 
To get you results.

I've been guiding companies and associations in their business and event marketing since 2001 to accurately convey who they are and what their purpose is.

In today's fast and competitive business climate, you can't afford to put anything less than your best foot forward into the marketplace.
Every type of communication representing your company needs to be branded, strategically thought out, look professional and incite the reader to take action.

The more attention we pay to the development of clever communications during the early planning stages, the more likely you are to get the response you're looking for! Make your communications POP! Eye-catching visuals with concise content is what a winning communication piece looks like!

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Website. Email. Newsletter. Social Media.

My role as a collaborative marketing partner is to help define your focus, brand your company and reputation and help you connect in the marketplace to stay top of mind.


From concept to creation, I'm immersed  in understanding the nuances of your business to  create a marketing strategy that eloquently and effectively "speaks" to your audience.​


I absorb information about your business to best capture your style and use the knowledge to provide experienced creative and writing skill so we're able to ramp up the quality of visuals, copy and delivery of the marketing and ensure the message is heard loud and clear!


Through our collaborative marketing efforts, you'll experience a  positive difference!

Branded Event Marketing

You can't have an event without the people!
No matter how much time  is put into the planning, logistics & production for an event, if it's not marketed well with a goal of peak participation, then the effort is for naught.


With more than 20 years experience as a conference and event planner, I've helped clients market programs that yields positive response, generates excitement and garners enthusiasm from the stakeholders!

From building a website exclusively to promote an event to designing print and digital marketing materials to providing online registration and payment, I'm able to provide you with all the necessary tools to meet (and exceed) attendance forecasts and effectively brand the event.

Website Design/Creative

A functional website is the heart of a business.

The website is a "business card" and the information hub to engage and educate people.  Gimmicky bells and whistles mean nothing if the site isn't functionally easy to navigate.


IMAGE SLIDERS:  Still on trend and an effective way to embellish your messaging AND guide visitors directly to important information on the website! Multiple options for placement, sizing and colors are available.
WEBSITE BANNERS : Do you have sponsors or industry partners to showcase? Banners are a perfect way to  showcase them and provide extra marketing exposure through your site! (Can be offered complimentary or be a revenue generator, per your company policies.)

Online Newsletter

Finally, a sleek, informative communications vehicle to keep audiences engaged throughout the year.

The digital magazine “shows” beautifully, whether read on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Take your company image to an exciting new level with a sleek digital publication.
The best newsletters contain articles from industry peers and topic experts...which is purposeful way to reach into the community and generate interest in your go for it and add this wonderful communications tool to your marketing arsenel this year.

Procuring relevant content is half the battle!
I'll help you determine the overlying "thread"
for each newsletter, suggest article topics for inclusion and even reach out to source the articles to keep the content on target before we begin the production process!

Email Campaigns


A strategically written and professionally designed email makes the difference between people paying attention or the message being deleted!


Email is still an affordable and powerful communications vehicle , providing instant response when a "call to action" drives the message!

Without the trained skill to design artwork & compose response-driven email content, you take a risk sending out emails that look unprofessional and won't catch a recipient's eye no matter how strong the content is...

  • Branding:  Branding emails for quick recognition by the recipient is vital.

  • Concise Messaging:  The strategy behind an email is to incite the reader to "do something". Collaboratively, we'll "think it out before we shout it out" to drive a stronger response.

  • Professional Delivery: With the ever-increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, how the email displays upon delivery is more critical than ever to ensure the formatting stays intact.

Social Media Management
The influence of social media is undeniable and constantly evolving.
Keep people interested in your company, product or event by being interesting!

I'll help you utilize social media purposefully every time new information is posted that leads the guides the audience back to a website, article, email communication or video.
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