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Define your voice. Position your brand. Tell your story.


Are you ready to get your message out and experience a positive difference in how your company or association is positioned?
As an external marketing and planning partner, I work with you to collaboratively implement a strategic process for marketing, communications and event planning...and keep projects in forward motion so you can focus on the business at hand!


Imagination. Creativity. Skill. A keen eye for design. And excellent communication capabilities!

As a professional communications and planning specialist, these are the talents I bring to the table!

From concept to deployment, I'm immersed in understanding the nuances of your business to develop and deploy a marketing/planning strategy that eloquently and effectively "speaks" to your audience.​ My firm provides a full suite of Marketing, Communications and Event Planning services, including website design/management, email campaign design, and social media campaign design/management, which fits beautifully alongside the event planning services I provide specifically to help non-profit associations meet their goals.

Producing meetings, events and conferences is an investment of time and money that involves stakeholders on many levels: Executives, Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers, Sponsors, and Staff.

​All planning companies are NOT created equal and here's what makes my company different and better: Not only am I superb at event design, I'm highly skilled when it comes to the marketing side of planning. Take advantage of my breadth of expertise and elevate the professionalism of your project.

I'd love to learn more about your company or association to discover how we can best tell your story!


Let's capture who you are, what your "why" is, and elevate the quality of your marketing and event planning to ensure:

  • Your perspective is heard loud and clear

  • The company or association "brand" is top of mind

  • Business development, marketing, or event attendance forecasts are met successfully.

Email me and let's get a date on the books for a Zoom video chat.

Patty Stern

Website Design, Social Media Campaigns, Event Design, Website & Email Graphics, and Digital Invites.


Branded Marketing Campaigns. Bring your marketing to life with

eye-catching creative.


With 20 years of experience working with corporations and associations, I have a keen understanding that bringing people together for a purpose is powerful!

Event Website. Sponsorship Deliverables. Online Invitations & RSVP's. Vibrant Email Campaigns. Branded Presentation Decks.

...Strategically planned out event marketing is vital for successful response and participation to reach attendance forecasts.

Top-of-mind positioning. Increased revenue. Partner relationships. Industry recognition. A better image!


My proven marketing techniques create awareness, generate enthusiasm and elicit response.

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