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Meetings. Conferences.

Symposiums. Expos.

Every opportunity to bring people together for the purpose of education and networking face-to-face is vital for progress.

I believe opportunity exists for non-profit associations to think BIGGER and be BOLDER! When it makes sense, consider drawing participation regionally. My company has developed respected relationships with hotels, conference centers, resorts, private venues, and with service providers throughout the Tri-State area.

Let me guide you as we compose a realistic budget, select the perfect destination, ramp up the quality of educational topics and speakers, put more thought into how each program is presented, be more creative procuring and embracing sponsors, and BRAND everything from the beginning to strategically attract the audience you want in attendance.


Full-Service conference planning requires the ability to fluidly bring together programming, speakers, content, logistics and special events...all while keeping Sponsors & Stakeholders happy!

I'm equally adept at being responsible for planning the entire event, conference or trade show or just owning specific components! 

Events must be well thought out to meet financial goals & objectives.
Whether the event is an awards luncheon, an upscale evening gala or a private donor event, I'll appropriately match the event, the audience and the venue. With great respect for the budget, I'll create the right ambiance, incorporate the theme into the décor and seek out opportunities to engage the audience from the moment the doors open.


There's tremendous value in having an experienced planner with expert marketing skills involved in branding and marketing the event!
Event Website. Sponsorship Deliverables. Invitations & RSVP's.

Responsive Email Campaigns. Social Media Promotion.
...Strategically planned out event marketing is vital to reach your attendance forecasts.

The influence of social media is undeniable and constantly evolving. Keep people interested in your conference or event by using social media strategically with branded campaigns.


Successful social media marketing to promote conference attendance and recognize sponsors requires a distinct voice and style.

We'll "brand" your social media with my agency-grade designed graphics that are sized precisely to use for posts,banners, boosts, and event campaigns to help expand reach and generate participation.

Your vision. My guidance.

I'm a boutique firm providing a full scope of planning, marketing, and event production services with more than two decades of experience collaborating with corporations and

non-profit associations.


I work closely with each client to really listen to what you envision, and then respond with professional, logical solutions. Only then are we able to collaboratively create a sensible strategic plan that'll bring your vision to life!

I've been involved in the meeting and event industry since 1996 and my client list includes Fortune 500 companies, Celebrities, Dignitaries, National Non-Profits and Sports Teams.


My constant goal is to ensure the client's overall messaging is delivered powerfully, educational topics are purposeful and the event marketing yields the highest possible participation and/or revenue rate from attendees and sponsors!

Producing a meeting or conference is an investment of time and money that involves stakeholders on many levels: Executives, Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers, Sponsors, and Staff.

​All planning companies are NOT created equal and here's what makes my company different and better: Not only am I superb at planning meetings and conferences from start to finish, I'm also an expert on the marketing side of planning.

Take advantage of my breadth of expertise and elevate the professionalism, position, and image of your next meeting or conference!

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