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Your Website Is A Digital Business Card!

The website is the nucleus of your business; the first place potential customers go to learn more about your services, products and who you are.

When you network or solicit a new piece of business, the potential customer or client is always going to check out the website.

Make sure the website you create reflects your business image accurately and works in your favor to share information and engage the audience.


Pro Tip: Rather than using gimmicky bells and whistles, focus on function with a website site that's easy to navigate and chock-full relevant information to help the user make an informed decision to engage services or purchase products.

Prototype Designer


The key to a great website is FUNCTION!
  • Clean overall “look”
  • Responsive for tablets and smartphones
  • Functional navigation
  • Ease of use for the website visitor to immediately locate information
  • Auditing the website pages to ensure information is consistently updated and relevant
  • Utilize the website to embrace sponsors and community partners with placement on the site
  • Generate traffic to the site via social media platforms with a blog
  • Include graphic design that can be duplicated for use in emails and on social media pages.
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