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Social Media Management
The influence of social media is undeniable and constantly evolving. Keep people interested in your company, product or event by being interesting and using social media strategically!

I'll curate articles and videos for posting  that lead the audience back to a website, event, article, email communication or video.
Stay relevant!  Keep people interested in you! Expand your reach!

If you don't have the time or a planned strategy to curate information, articles or videos for social media platforms,

I can manage this for you! By keeping up on topics that complement your company, association or brand, I'm able to keep your business top of mind and positioning you as an industry LEADER.

How to be successful with Social Media:

  • Come up with a schedule to post (and then stick to it) 3-4 times a week is perfect! 

  • Use that Facebook Boost! It really does work to build a community and increase your reach.

  • Video is long as you've curated the perfect one to post that will resonate for the audience.

  • Think before you post: Never post anything until you’ve made sure the message is accurate,  interesting and will elicit response. Remember...everything you post reflects back on your company!

  • Information versus ACTION: Social Media is an amazing (and FREE) chance to promote products, specials and events. Include a hyperlink in postings whenever possible that goes directly to a specific website page, article or video. 

  • Website before Social: Prior to posting on social media, make sure you’ve updated the website with information and graphics to drive people back to the website.

  • Pay attention to images you use! Resize images before you post so they show up better “in the box”. (Horizontal for Linked In and Square for Instagram and Facebook)

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