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With more than 25 years experience planning full-scale conferences and events, my firm brings a unique perspective to event marketing as a professional planner. I've helped clients develop marketing programs that successfully engage the audience, generate attendance and sponsor revenue, and elicit buy-in from stakeholders.

From designing event/conference websites, to conceptualizing campaigns for digital and print marketing, to creating comprehensive online registration systems, and promoting our client's companies through social media platforms, we're fully equipped to provide the necessary services to help ensure forecasts and goals are met successfully.



CONFERENCE OR EVENT THEME: This doesn't necessarily have to be fancy or highly decorative but there does need to be an overlying message that guides the program.

SPONSOR DEVELOPMENT: While the budget is being developed, Sponsor procurement (rates, packages) need to be decided upon.


SPONSOR MARKETING: An informative and eye-pleasing Sponsor prospectus is designed and distributed electronically. Follow up personal invitations are done by the planning committee or internal staff.

SPONSOR DELIVERABLES: I effectively collaborate with Sponsors as a liaison to decide how to best maximize a Sponsor's participation through marketing opportunities that increase exposure, generate good will in the relationship and demonstrate a sleek level of professionalism to your client.


There's a detailed strategy behind the thought process of  event marketing.
If you're interested to learn more, contact me for a consultation.

Event Website

Begin the branding process with an event website to act as the "hub" of information.


The event website is designed to be aesthetically attractive, provide information, generate excitement and elicit action from participants to RSVP or register online for peak planning efficiency!


Creating a website that exclusively focuses on your conference or event just makes good business sense! House all the details in one place, make it easy for participants to locate information and register online...the website will free up time for the team to focus on PLANNING!

The website also provides a prime opportunity to increase SPONSOR involvement by being able to offer more MARKETING EXPOSURE to supporters and partners!

Online Registration
Gather information, generate revenue & gauge response!
After the website is live, online registration forms are the next logical step to start driving revenue!
In order to gauge audience response, we pay close attention to registration numbers constantly and guide you if program changes are required to protect your investment and be sure you're delivering what the audience wants.
Email Campaigns

Brand events in the email campaigns.

The "look" of event emails needs to complement the overall branding from the website. 

  • Strategy: Before the first email goes out, we'll determine a complete strategy for scheduling and messaging to ensure people pay attention to the email and TAKE ACTION!

  • Marketing Exposure for Sponsors:
    Emails are a terrific way to provide sponsors with additional marketing exposure by including logos and hyperlinks to their website.

  • Call To Action: Want people to click-through and register? Do you have a video message to share? The "call to action" is the most important part of an email.


Througout the planning process, we'll identify appropriate calls to action and suggest creative ideas to keep each email fresh & interesting!

Social Media Promotion
Drive people back to the website to RSVP and provide sponsors with extra marketing exposure!
The influence of social media is undeniable and constantly evolving. Keep people interested by being interesting and use social media strategically!

I'll curate articles and videos for posting  that lead the audience back to a website, event, article, email communication or video.
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