Clients say "Patty, work your magic!"

...And that's exactly what I do. (Coffee helps.)


Everyone has a story. Here is mine.

I have been in the meeting and event industry for 22 years and consider myself to be a trailblazing planner who understands that successful communications, marketing & meeting and event planning is equal parts planning, marketing, production, and onsite savvy!

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, as part of an entrepreneurial family that embraced the spirit of giving back to the business and civic communities. When I started my own career in Dallas, I worked diligently to become a trusted professional in the business community, too. Through my experiences at Passbook Clubs and Five Star Limousines, both family-owned and later sold to corporate conglomerates, my career continued moving upward, as I became polished working alongside executives in the C-Suite. Eventually, I reached the point to start my own firm, where I focus on producing annual conferences, corporate award dinners, annual galas for associations, and special events for both local and in-bound global corporations and associations, ranging in size from intimate groups of 250 to citywide conferences with up to 10,000 participants.

With hundreds of planning experiences, including Virtual Conference Planning, I'm able to effectively provide clients with planning, design, marketing, technology, stage production and virtual conference planning services. My proven talent provides tremendous value to the clientele I serve.

Professionally, I've been recognized with awards by industry peers for my talent and leadership in Dallas, New York City, and New Jersey. Industry involvement and "giving back" with mentoring and producing educational programs to further the industry will always be a core value for me.

Attention to detail and a contagious enthusiasm for innovative thinking.

  • Working in tandem with complementary business styles, I strive to proactively stay one step ahead at all times, providing clients with sensible solutions. And, I've always got a plan B in place to ensure success without stress.

  • My goal is to ensure the content is powerful and relevant, the marketing is spot-on, the event flow is perfectly thought out, and your overall message is memorable enough to thrive long after the program is over!

  • ​The planning approach I take is strategic and I reflect on my own past experiences to help you make informed decisions.

  • The process begins with focused conversations to help me best understand the dynamics of the audience being served; this allows me to respond accordingly with ideas, solutions, and the processes to get there. By investing time on the forefront to lay out the strategic plan, I find each stage of development runs so much more smoothly. You'll find you actually have the luxury of less stress in the planning and more excitement so we can seize new opportunities that arise!


Southern Methodist University: MA
Southern Methodist University: BFA




ILEA New Jersey North Chapter

  • President's Award 2017

  • ILEA International Best Communications International Chapter Award 2016


MPI New Jersey Chapter

  • Planner of the Year 2015


MPI Greater New York Chapter:

  • Planner of the Year 2009

  • Chapter Manager of the Year 2008


MPI D/FW Chapter:

  • President's Award 2010

  • Presidents Award 2007

  • Planner of the Year 2002

  • Rising Star Award 1998


  • MPI New Jersey Chapter (VP of Communications)

  • ILEA NJ North Chapter (VP of Education & Programs)

  • ILEA NJ North (VP of Communications)

  • MPI Greater New York Chapter (VP of Communication)

  • MPI D/FW Chapter (VP of Communication and VP of Education)

  • Junior League of the Oranges & Short Hills (Director of Communications)

  • National Council of Jewish Women/Essex Section

  • American Cancer Society Annual Diamond Ball (Event Production)

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