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Google Search Changes Start April 21, 2015...Are You Ready For Mobile Search?

On April 21 Google will be making significant changes to its mobile search algorithm to promote sites that the search giant feels are mobile friendly (aka #Mobilegeddon).

Mobile friendly sites render different layouts depending on the size of the browser screen, and as mobile penetration rates prove, with more people accessing the web through mobile devices, the decision by Google to reward mobile friendly sites just makes sense.

In 2013 a study by Pure Oxygen Labs indicated that two-thirds of the Fortune 100 were not ready for the change in mobile search. So we were interested in is how big companies had progressed and how they could be affected by the change now that Mobilegeddon is nigh.

We crawled every Fortune 500 web site using the Google PageSpeed Insights API to identify those sites that are mobile friendly and the ones that are not and at risk of being penalized in search results starting when Google updates its search algorithm on April 21.

This survey reinforces just how pervasive this issue is – 44% of Fortune 500 web sites failed the test and another 4% of sites did not produce a response. A large subset of the companies in the 4% category actually discourage Web Bots from Google and Bing.

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