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Welcome to the portfolio, which is constantly evolving and houses only a fraction of the client work I’ve done!

If your company is due for a creative overhaul and you appreciate sleek, clean and well thought out communications, we can develop a new image together!


With 20-plus years of experience and an expert in both marketing  and meeting, event and conference planning, I'm able to provide valuable guidance to help design your creative marketing strategy from start to finish for meetings, events, fundraising events, golf tournaments, website design & website banners and sliders and presentation decks.

Everything begins with a conversation…we discuss the specifications about what is being designed:

  • Why is the program being produced?

  • Do people register and pay to participate?

  • How much time do we have for marketing?

  • What are the platforms that will be used to deploy the marketing?

  • What kind of a “look” do you want to represent the event?

  • How will we take what I design and use it to “brand” the event throughout the duration of the marketing campaign?

Branding is key and one size does NOT fit all!
For use in different mediums, the “master” artwork will take on different shapes and sizes to best fit the platform being used for marketing!

After assessing your needs, I go to the drawing board to create vibrant, informative marketing materials that can be utilized for print, digital, website and social...all designed to catch the eye of the recipient and elicit a response.

The end result is a fluid "look" for each type of communication.

Feel free to inquire about scheduling a complimentary consultation to review your event history together and discuss how to bring your next program, event or conference to life!

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